My LucyforLouie products are made of GRC... Glass-fibre Reinforced Concrete is the generic term for a high-strength composite stone made with cement mortar (primarily a mixture of cement, sand and a polymer) reinforced with alkali-resistant (AR) glass fibers.

My pieces are proudly handcrafted here in New Zealand to withstand our diverse seasons should you be using them in outdoor spaces. They are not stamped out or mass produced on a machine therefore they do have unique wee quirks and slight imperfections expected in genuine products handcrafted with concrete. I do not use plywood, particle board, timber or any forms of plastic to 'bulk up' or 'pack out' my products... The composition of my products does not allow a solid 'paint type' look or finish to be possible so please be mindful that some slight colour variation, which is naturally occurring in concrete products, can sometimes occur. These 'slight' colour variations/imperfections can also often diminish with time and light exposure.

Although they are sealed with several coats of industry specific specialized sealer, it is recommended spills and substances that have high staining possibilities be wiped off reasonably promptly... for example not left overnight.

Clean with warm or hot soapy water and a soft (microfiber is good) cloth – Do not use abrasive materials or solvents on surfaces

With the composition of my products they do continue to cure over time so please insure you unwrap your piece/s on arrival to allow them to breathe - this will avoid the possibility of sweating in the packaging which could create an abnormal appearance to the finish of your piece/s. Some products may initially have a slight sheen in relation to the sealer which will diminish in time to a more matt appearance.

Apply protective concrete (or clear) wax regularly. Recommended application of 12 monthly for inside pieces 6 monthly for outside pieces. A clear liquid wax is suffice but MUST be a wax only please! NO cutting or abrasive agents included.

If concrete wax (or a clear wax) is not used regularly your lucyforlouie product may require a clear concrete sealer to be re applied yearly (for outdoor use) and 2 yearly (for indoor use) for preservation of your product otherwise your product will age naturally.  If you want or choose to apply wax more often it will absolutely not hurt your product


Composition of product - A special mix of GRC materials and cement. GRC stands for Glass-Fiber Reinforced concrete making it substantially stronger than standard concrete. Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, it is also of a much lighter weight.

MaintenanceVery little maintenance is required. Several coats of industry specific specialty sealer have been applied to all products before leaving manufacturing. This helps to repel water and other liquids and will help prevent deep stains from occurring such as red wine. Most spills can be removed using hot soapy water and a soft cloth. By far the best solution is to place the furniture in full sun where the natural sun rays will bleach out any imperfections. I also recommend the application of a clear wax at the beginning and end of each Summer season on your outdoor pieces. By applying twice annually, this will add a protective coating to your outdoor pieces which will give another level of resistance and will aid in the longevity of the furniture remaining like new... again, if you want or choose to apply wax more often it will absolutely not harm your product

Colours - 

Limestone is made with white cement - this is the closest you can get to white with GRC - A gorgeous statement colour and being a white on white girl Limestone is my fav :)

Concrete Grey is made with natural cement - a fabulous industrial and natural concrete appearance

Charcoal has added oxide to darken its appearance - Charcoal does fade over time (more so if outdoors) and is more prone to micro scratching and small surface grazing due to being dark in colour... over the years this creates a fabulous earthy industrial appearance and vibe

PlacementDue to the product being lighter in weight than ordinary concrete, in most situations my furniture is suitable to be placed on balconies and most pieces can be lifted by two able people.

New Zealand weather conditions - Although GRC is lighter than traditional concrete, it is still of a substantial weight to make it an ideal option for use in reasonably extreme New Zealand conditions if your pieces are situated outdoors. From the toughest winters in the Lower South, to the fiercest winds New Zealand can offer, GRC furniture stands unaffected. The furniture is naturally resistant to the ocean salts of our coastal conditions and tolerant of the extreme sun that our Summers deliver... You could say that it is the perfect outdoor furniture!

In some instances, you may notice some white salt deposits on the surface of your furniture. This is called “efflorescence” and occurs naturally in all concrete products. Basically, it is the natural salts coming to the surface whilst the concrete cures fully. It shows more after a period of rain and will cease over time as the concrete cures. In the meantime, the salts can simply be wiped away with a damp cloth. It tends to show ​more on darker colours as the contrast is greater.

Timber Bases - Dried timber and wood can sometimes be prone to cracking and splitting. This is particularly common during the summer months, and can be attributed to the dramatic changes in the atmosphere and humidity, and also fluctuations in temperature. This is because the wood is attempting to match its environment.

Wood alters in a bid to match its environment in terms of moisture and temperature. This is known as an equilibrium, and whenever there are changes in the environment, the timber will seek to match them itself.

Often during the summer, the air moisture content is constantly moving up and down, as well as the temperature, and the wood tries to match this. If the moisture content drops, the wood will dry out further as it looks to reach an equilibrium – which can cause it to crack and split.

Many people instantly assume that this means the wood is damaged, and that the timber is defective. However, this is not the case. It is simply a case of the clever natural product adjusting to its environment.

When the inner core of the timber is wetter than the outer section, the cracks will be evident, but once the wood's center is also dried out to the level of the atmosphere it is in, these cracks and splits will disappear.

Part of the charm of timber is its natural ability to change and suit its surroundings.

Because it's a natural process, the cracking and splitting of timber cannot be totally prevented. However, if it is a concern for you that it is happening, the process can be slowed by applying a treatment to the wood such as a UV protection oil.

But the most important thing of all is to not panic! It might seem as though cracks and splits are a sign of poor quality timber, but this simply is not the case. Just relax and enjoy the magic of nature as the wood restores itself over time.


To ensure your product has a long life, please see the Care and use guidelines.

Please note when purchasing that all of these products are manufactured & handcrafted in our beautiful Country so there may be a slight variance between the pictures you see on the website and the product you receive – I believe this gives them their uniqueness, individual character and you the pleasure of knowing your piece is absolutely original.

The best is done to display as accurately as possible the colours of the products shown on this website. However, because the colours you see can depend on your monitor, I cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of colour will be accurate.

I warrant to the original purchaser that if your product is used for its intended purpose of sale the materials are free from defect and poor workmanship. This applies from the date of purchase.

My lucyforlouie lightweight concrete products come with a two (2) year Commercial and Residential manufacturing warranty.

To insure a valid warranty lucyforlouie products must be used for the purpose and function for which they are sold. They must not be used for climbing or standing on and the warranty does not cover general wear and tear, dropping, knocking or miss use. As these products are classified heavy they are a two (2) person lift and must not be dragged. The warranty will be deemed void if the product is used for other than what the product is designed for.

The warranty does not include (and we will not replace or repair product suffering from):

Ordinary wear and tear caused by using the product for its intended purpose.

Effloresce which may appear in the lightweight concrete surface when exposed to the elements, this is a natural process.

Damage/scratching caused by the dragging of objects across surfaces

Damage caused by accident, storm or wind or any other extreme weather occurrence.

Damage caused by mildew, UV degradation or fading.

Damage caused by misuse, neglect or failure to follow the Care and Use Guidelines.

Small surface crazing which may appear in the lightweight surface when exposed to the elements as this is a natural process.

Nothing in these warranty terms is intended to limit any condition, guarantee, right or remedy which may be available under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, except as permitted by that Act.

With the obvious exception of our bench seating we recommend a 40kg weight restriction on our products and a 30kg weight restriction on our Coffee tables.

TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION   -   Glass fiber reinforced concrete

FINISHING   -   Smooth and Natural concrete look

COLOURS AVAILABLE   -   Concrete Grey  -  Limestone  -  Charcoal